As broadband rapidly multiplies, convergent media, with its deep and targeted impact, becomes more and more relevant and useful. A decade ago, complex production, shotgun strategies, expensive broadcast media buys were just part of any video campaign. With the maturity of the web, the advent of social networking, and new and innovative production technologies and techniques, film and motion production has never been more relevant, responsive, affordable, targeted, measured and down right effective. For years Eric has worked on a myriad of short and long form film and motion assignments. Take a look at our most recent work below…we think the works speaks for itself.


The new Showreels are almost here…Take a sneak peek.

Au revoir 2014…you’ve been a busy year chuck full of opportunity, challenges, breakthroughs, learning curves, new partnerships, good food, great clients, more travel…oh, and did I say travel? We’re now in the final stages of cutting the annual reel. This year, in addition to the showcase reel we’ve decided to cut a couple other segments to showcase the some of the progressive techniques we are using such as Motion Tracking, 16-bit Raw DSLR video, Timelapse & Hyperlapse, HDR Video, and Motion Control. And of course, we’ll be updating our Behind the Scenes Video which should guarantee at least some mindless entertainment.
The new showreels will be live soon. In the meantime, click below to view the travel+lifestyle reel and production stills from the new reel and the behind the scenes video: