For us, Photography is really the study of light and composition. Lens optics, pixel fidelity, and camera functionality are important, but at the core of every exposure is a range and direction of light that is what truly dictates the character and feel of the shot.

Light is most interesting on it’s edges and can be incredibly expressive when both hard and soft light sources are properly mixed to capture and define a subject, environment or moment. Because we understand light we approach each assignment with a specific lighting strategy first, all designed to nail the look and feel a specific project calls for. From high-key, clear, clean product imagery, to low-key, gritty action sequences, we take pride in understanding and knowing how to alter what truly counts on set – Light. And only after we have nailed the shot with a 80-90% in camera discipline do we then take that imagery to a whole new level with a post production polish / color correction that we feel sets our work apart.

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