Forget the Power Pitch…

Successful creative is not only exciting and captivating, it serves a strategic message and connects effortlessly with the mind of it’s audience. Our aim as a studio is to produce high quality, emotive still and motion pictures that are rooted in marketing forethought to ensure our clients stories are told with legitimacy and prowess.

From polished environmental portraiture and refined product and architectural photography to emotive high definition video production, the still and moving pictures we produce are aimed to communicate clearly, appropriately, and intellectually across mediums of maximum impact…

Blah…blah…blah. Look, while the aforementioned is true, we’re really not into Windsor tie elevator speeches. Since he was 12 years old, Eric has been obsessed over the enjoyment that comes from creating still and moving pictures. Rather than spouting off a bunch of marcom mumbo-jumbo, click on the GALLERIES link above to see the work that Eric and his talented crew create…we think it speaks for itself.


Waldorf Astoria

It's not every day that you get a call from the Director of Public Relations and Marketing Communications at the Waldorf Astoria, but in late June of 2009...

Pallet Bistro

In the last years we've been focused on not just taking on projects that land into our laps, but those that we feel really fit our aesthetic, that we find...

Deer Valley

Rustic meets refined elegance at the Silver Baron Lodge where unparalleled accommodations and service come together in one of the most beautiful settings.


Cameron doubt, one of my favorites. Not only is Cameron an emerging artist with a new publishing deal with Sony, this 6 foot - whatever Persian...

  • Of course, we are artists first. However…we pride ourselves with the ability to produce with efficiency, speed and to maximize the production value of each project.


ER★CA Studio Remodel

To optimize productivity, the studio recently underwent yet another renovation that has now given us more production space for the demanding

Cameron Rafati Album Cover Shoot

ER+PF shoots album cover for Cameron Rafati… Welp, its official, we just got final approval on a set of 4 shots for Los Angeles based

Pallet Bistro Architectural and Food Shoot

Another food restaurant shoot, another food coma. However I have to say…this one is particularly pleasant thanks to chef Buzz Wiley who

BMW Series selected as winner in PDN/Pix Digital Imaging Awards

Only the film industry likes to award themselves more than the advertising community. And even though I don’t often participate in what I