26,400 shots….one amazing rally video game course

Oftentimes, deliverables come in the form of a published HD file, an archive of high res images or layers upon layers of source files. THIS time, it was different.

Recently, UK based Codemasters, one of the top gaming development firms in the industry contacted us about a reference photography project hands down was one of the more interesting and challenging projects we’ve ever done.

Our assignment, to document over 11 kilometers beautiful central Utah landscape for the new its new DiRT 2 rally video game. The deliverable, one 774 GB perfectly organized directory containing over 26,400 raw images to be dropped into an Codemasters proprietary development engine. This workflow, (as long as we do our job right) allows the development team to generate a full, 360 degree perspective of an entire game course in record time and in spectacular detail and accuracy. Take a look:

Well, it was a challenging two weeks of 110 degree weather, unexpected flash floods, and dusty lenses, but it turns out we DID do our job right. And the result – one spectacular rally game course that has undoubtedly been one of the highlights of this award winning game. Most importantly, after we received the game (and after multiple attempts), my son Preston finally made it to The Utah Trialblazer course where he gleefully squealed that it was undoubtedly his favorite course.

see final project in portfolio



  1. Weston Issac - reply

    You ought a post the image stitches you were telling me about.

  2. Justin - reply

    thanx for helping make one of my alltime fave games, had no idea so much work went into making it, you sir are a hero

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