Another food restaurant shoot, another food coma. However I have to say…this one is particularly pleasant thanks to chef Buzz Wiley who produced some spectacular plates that not only presented perfectly for the shoot, but tasted pretty amazing.

It’s not often that a location shoot doesn’t come with a fair amount of staging, reorganizing and prep work, but hats off to owners Rocky Derrick and Drew Eastman for creating an atmosphere that is not only a perfect compliment to an amazing eating experience, but a unique and magnificent place that was a pleasure to shoot.

Pallet is slated to open in late February 2012, and take it from someone who has been on the front lines, this project is sure to mix things up in the local marketplace.

Now off to float through a magical underworld of culinary ecstasy…

Update: April 23, 2012 (Jon Hammond)

Its our pleasure to announce the launch of the new Pallet website developed by ER★CA (our Parent company) featuring all of Eric’s Architectural, Food and Restaurant photography. Below are a few from the new site that are guaranteed to pique your interest…and your taste buds.

“When putting together our new restaurant concept…photography was very important to us. Eric was organized and delivered all that we asked for on time and within budget. His ability to listen to our ideas and concept, then return those to us…was truly remarkable and better than we imagined. He combined creativity with function and design which resulted in an amazing product. Eric is an exceptional guy and we thoroughly enjoyed working with him.”

Drew Eastman //
Owner, Pallet Bistro

see final project in portfolio

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  1. Dan Wilhelm - reply

    Finally ate there last weekend. Wow.

  2. Hailey Rowe - reply

    Beautiful Work Eric.

  3. Mark Gilman - reply

    love the way you light call me if you need an assistant

  4. Brandon B. - reply

    Amazing shooting for an amazing place. Loved it.

  5. Your Fan Trish - reply

    I always love finding out after the fact that people I know did projects I love. The work you did on Pallet is great Eric. When are back to Utah?

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